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2024 Projects will be posted in March 2024.
If you have a Community project to do, send it in! 

Projects from Saturday, April 22, 2023

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MILE SQUARE PARK   Planting, mulching, laying turf, weeding and other enhancements are needed each year.  200 volunteers will come together in a organize way to accomplish hundreds of our hours of needed labor. 

Full Rise Against Hunger-This is a fun hands-on project as you work in unison to pack meals. Come help serve meals worldwide in the coordinated event.

OAKVIEW COMMUNITY - Volunteers will enhance the exterior of the library. They will also weed the flower beds and pick up trash.
Built in a portable unit it is in need of repair.   

The center serves those with disabilities and is in need of sprucing up.

Come to make the environment more inviting.

HEARTS AND HANDS -We will be making things for hospitalized children, active and recently returning members of our military, human trafficking survivors, seniors, children and adults with disabilities, the homeless, and many more. Help with one project or try all!
Full - SENIOR HOME IMPROVEMENT - Help elderly who do not have the means or able to make simple repairs where they live. If you have a few skills, you will give relief and allow the elderly and disabled to remain in their homes. 
HB WETLANDS - Weeding, garbage removal, painting, planting, landscaping, pathway created and other opportunities to keep 127 acres of marsh land pristine.  
KINETIC ACADEMY SCHOOL - needs your help!   We'll paint,  trim, reinforce, nail, pick-up, improve, spruce up and wash.
Full HB CITY BEACH SIGNS - Enhance the big entrance signs on PCH.  With fresh paint the letters will stand out again.
IRBY PARK -Improve the park by spreading wood chips, help create natural settings (similar to HB Urban Forest) and clearing out vegetation. 
NEIGHBORHOOD CLEAN UP - Come help a cul-de-sac create a clean neighborhood by carrying items to the trash bin.
BOLSA CHICA CONSERVANCY WETLANDS - Help us to restore native habitats at Bolsa Chica by removing invasive plant species and installing native plants. 
Buckingham Park - Spruce and plant and clean up
GREER PARK - Come help paint a long wall.  Kid friendly. The city will provide paint and brushes.
Full HB CITY PAINT CONEX BOXES They need a simple design to bring them into the beach environment.  Volunteers will come to paint the design on the containers.   
BLOOD DRIVE - 500 blood donations are needed every day to fulfill the needs of our local community. 
FOOD DONATION DELIVERY - A big rig truck with 40,000 lbs of food will be delivered.  75 Volunteers are needed to unpack the pallets and run the boxes to each nonprofit truck. 
HB YOUTH SHELTER - They need outside yardwork, mulching, and general gardening. Inside, deep cleaning the kitchen and reorganization.   
Shipley Nature Center - Come help with mulching, planting, cultivating and general clean up.
Helping Hands A residential home with violations does not have the means or health for the clean-up needed, without neighborly kindness.
Monarch Nature Trail Plant, mulch, water and weed around native plants on the Monarch Butterfly Trail,
FV HERITAGE PARK - Come to paint the heritage house
Westminster Senior CenterBeautify the outdoors
Full - ALZHEIMERS FAMILY SERVICES - Help paint the foyer
Drop Off Donations - nonprofits need various items.
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