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About us

CommunityService Day mobilies hundreds of volunteers of all ages and interests to complete project throughout Huntington Beach and Fountain Vailley that will have a lasting impact in the community  The effort is organized by the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council and numerous corporations, companies and nonprofits.  The 2024 Community Service Day will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2024

Our Mission

Community Service Day fosters community stewardship and enhances the quality of life in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley by engaging our collective time, talents, and resources to unite our cities, identify and address community needs and foster a culture of volunteerism and giving. 
Our Vision

Sponsor a single-day community service event that engages divers community members from all walks of life motivates volunteerism, increases civic pride, and inspires service with future generations.  The event gathers and connects thousands of passionate volunteers to help with dozens of projects that make a positive lasting impact in the community. 

Community Service Day
Committee Members

Jynene Johnson - Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council 
Christina Hernandez - Dance4Joy Minsteries 
Alaina Pierce - Service Specialist

Lachelle Carrozza - Konquer Together 
Steve Chauncey - Service coordinator
Pat Goodman - Self-Help Interfaith Program
Dave Garofalo - HB Local News
Sara Walk- Justserve admin
Suzanne Morgan - Community United Methodist Church
Marsha Rechsteiner - Sts Simon and Jude
Don Garrick - OC Interfaith Network
James Pike - Resurrection Lutheran
Teri Earwood - Justserve Admin
John Damitz- Justserve leader 

Liz Castaneda- Communication Director
Victor Cahua - Communication Director
Dana Huff - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Heather Jenkins - Local Service Coordinator
Kate Tanner - Fountain Valley High School Justserve Club President
Lucy Cory - Fountain Valley Resident
Gary Green - Welfare leader 


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